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Essentially Quest Worldwide LLC is a bilingual, full service business consulting firm drawing on the skills of our long established Ad Agency & PR Firm, our branding and social media expertise, our experienced commercial Mediation practice, and our science driven Market Research Firm with our varous freelance experts.
At Quest we understand that times have changed. We have all been around long enough to have watched and evolved. We embrace challenges and modern technology, and utilize them to your and our advantage.    
We especially enjoy assisting German speaking and American companies establishing or growing subsidiaries across the Atlantic. We understand the difference in cultural hardwiring, can translate not only the language but also the tone, and understand the difference in approaches to sales and marketing, etc.

We understand that nowadays you need to cut corners, but need to stay or get on top. We can help you to get there and stay there. In today’s global economy it’s not that difficult to make an enormous impact, if guided in the right direction - draw on the expertise of a group that has worked in or with practically every facet of consumers, business or industry.
The experienced group at Quest is a dedicated group of marketing, advertising, business, internet, and management experts with a vast combined arsenal of tactics and intellectual resources to solve any task with smart, constructive, effective measures. Best of all, we embrace global awareness, social & green conscience, and technology, while being rooted in basic business models and a keen sense for generating profits.
We run lean, don’t waste money, yours and ours! Why plant, if you can’t reap the harvest? Why reinvent the wheel? Getting a new client costs so much  more than making a current client happy! - We are keenly aware of these simple, yet important business facts.
You may also want to know that we get major thrills when traditional as well as our guerilla marketing tactics or our innovative and creative ways to solve a problem hit home, or a hard-to-hit target audience has been hit in the bulls eye and Dollars or Euros are rolling in for our clients, or a client short on cash worked out a deal with vendors and suppliers to keep going, or a crippling lawsuit has your business stalled and we create one of our Win-Win Solutions, or you just want to work with an upbeat, friendly, somewhat eclectic group of unpretentious, yet fun-loving professionals, who can make your work life so much easier and happier!!!